Thursday, 16 May 2013

Striped Teddy and Giraffe!

So here they are, my Teddy Bear and Giraffe are all finished!

I have to say, I am a little bit pleased with these two. I had never made a stuffed toy before and I'm hooked! The Bear was made from a pattern from Rico Patchwork Family Crochet Pattern Book, which you can get from Claires Yarns. I would recommend this book highly, as there are so many lovely patterns in it, its well worth it. 

The giraffe was made from a free pattern posted on I Love buttons by Emma blog. Its a lovely blog full of inspiration and the giraffe pattern is well written and easy to follow. They were both made from Rico Creative Cotton Aran which comes in a wonderful range of colours, I'll definitely be using it again. 

I have a few pics of the teddies in progress below...

Teddy body Stuffed...

Teddy head stuffed...

Head, arm and body starting to be attached...

Nose being embroidered on in black cotton...

All done, looking very relaxed chilling out in wardrobe...

Giraffe, all ready to go off to his new home.

Teddy, relaxing in the garden.

I've really enjoyed making these, and I'm already planning to make more for two littles boys in the summer. Maybe a blue striped one and a green striped one, what do you think?

Happy Crocheting!



  1. Beautiful rainbow toys - just re-learnt to crochet and inspired by these for my first grandchild that's on the way!

    Thank you
    Michelle Gold Coast Qld Australia

  2. Both look amazing! I tried to get the book but cannot get it :( Could you possibly post the bear pattern please?

    Thank you